Computer Art Congress (CAC.3) PostDigital Art / Paris

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Date : 19 novembre 2012 11:59:15 HNEC
Objet : PostDigital-CAC_3 PARIS 2012

C’est bien sûr un hommage aux Men in grey

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PostDigital Art
3d Computer Art Congress (CAC.3)
November 26-28 @, Paris, France


CAC.3 invites artists, intellectuals, engineers and scientists to share and discuss their imaginations, creations, inventions and visions of the post digital art. The world has never appropriated technology in the same way that digital. This technology has penetrated and dominated almost, different facets of our everyday life: cognitive, cultural, economic, psychological, social,… CAC.3 could be considered as intellectual therapy that challenge actors of the society to rethink their innovation approaches and the way they perceive the world, to explore new dimensions of our space, to go forward, to trace their own path, to be followed CAC.3 count on the abilities of artists to explore digital and extra digital spaces in order to anticipate new technological issues that can influence our post digital world.

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